The one wish you would like to see come true is celebrating your wedding in a truly haven like space amidst a wondrous setting and elaborate cocktail services. Royal Twist makes your dream come true. It gives a contemporary twist to your event with unique cocktail hours to wow your guests! Royal Twist leaves no stone unturned to transition you perfectly from work to cocktail party.

At Royal Twist, you would just as happily settle for a cocktail drink and experience the wonderful time. Every time you’re served a cocktail, you’ll embrace the authenticity of fruity flavors that pack a punch. While life is too short to embrace stress, come rejoice glorious moments at Royal Twist until the last sip goes in. Never get down on life’s hustle. Have a little cocktail at Royal Twist and switch to the party lover in you.


ROYAL TWIST helps make your event truly stand out. Our passion for creativity, cocktails and customer service drives our bar staff to bring elegance and joyful spirit to any event. Royal Twist strives to create a wedding environ that is talked about for many years to come, scintillating and absolutely riveting.